UK Kaiju Con – Who, what, where, when, how?

Hi there, and thanks for checking out this article explaining the essentials of our convention. Hopefully this will answer many, if not all of the general questions you may have about what we have planned for our convention. If you have a question you do not see the answer to, please let us know by emailing us at



First of all, lets get to the subject of who this convention is for.

Essentially, we are a group of people who love giant monster films. The word “kaiju” is Japanese for “strange beast”, so what a kaiju is to you may be different than what it is for me. For some, these are movies  like King Kong,  or The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. For others, the fandom is more closely rooted in Japanese culture, as in Japan this genre is very popular, with kaiju media regularly being created and released. Our fandom is fun, embracing and acceptable for all ages.  Some famous Japanese kaiju are: Godzilla, Gamera, Rodan, and Ultraman.

Generally if you fall into one of the categories I have listed below, you will probably find yourself having a great time:

  • Love science fiction
  • Love practical effects movies
  • Like dinosaurs
  • Enjoy mythological monsters
  • Giant robots fighting giant monsters


Ok, now that we have covered the who, lets get down to what this convention is.

Our convention is a one day long meet-up for fans of all things “monstrous” – it is our second time holding a convention, and also the first of its kind in the United Kingdom (something we are very excited about)! We will be having contests, forums, vendors stalls, a gaming area, and of course, we endorse cosplay at the event.

We will also be hosting a screening and a charity auction! Between all of these there should be something for every fan to have fun with.


The where is obviously important.

Our convention will be taking place at the Penta Hotel Birmingham

We chose this location because geographically it is fairly equidistant, the location is easily accessible via most forms of transportation, and the town itself is fun to visit by its own merit.

Street Address: Holloway Head, Birmingham 

Postcode: B1 1NS

Phone: 0121 622 8800

Venue website Link


City tourism website Link



Alright, so now you can find the convention – but when is it?

Our convention will be on Saturday, August 8th.

The time it will start is 9 AM, and it will go until 5pm, whereupon the hotel venue will close. That isn’t to say you will not find a lot of like minded fans hanging out and grabbing a bite to eat once the con ends!


So how are we doing all of this?

With hard work and a friendly, passionate fan base. This convention started as an idea in 2017 between two fans, and has since grown to be followed by hundreds of people across the United Kingdom – and even other countries as well! We are doing this for fun, to make friends, and to spread a bit of joy around. If you would like to help us, simply spreading the word, and coming to the convention means a lot to us. It is our sincere hope that we can keep this going for years to come!

However, money does pay for things, so we have an entrance fee of £10 for anyone over 10 years of age. You can grab tickets online at Eventbrite.

Additionally, if you purchase any of the goods from our stall at the convention, all of the proceeds go towards the next convention.

Well, that wraps it up in terms of general information. Stay tuned for the regular announcements we will be posting, and if you have any specific questions please comment on this post or send us a message!