Godzilla Likes to Roar!

When I was preparing for the arrival of my first child back in 2011, I was getting the (hopefully standard) nerves about what we could bond over. Being a massive geek and not growing up around children, I had the odds stacked against me. My only hope was that it would be a boy who likes video games! Anyway, as I was casually browsing eBay for Godzilla items as I like to do every so often, I happened to come across a children’s book that seemed to be exactly what I was after…Godzilla Likes To Roar.

This answered my prayers. I could do my expected Daddy duty of reading a bed time story and it would be about the King of the Monsters himself! I ordered it, and within a few weeks (it was imported) it arrived safety through my letterbox.


First thing I must point out is that the art work is by Bob Eggleton, who is famous for some fantastic kaiju artwork, so you are in for a treat there. It’s written by Kerry Milliron, and I’m afraid I have no knowledge of. For the purpose of this review I did a quick Google of her name and “Kerry Milliron is a children’s science fiction author with many books in print with Random House and Lucasbooks”, so it seems she is no stranger to children’s titles and big franchises. As you would expect this is a very friendly book. Godzilla is not going to attacking Toyko or battling other kaiju to the death. He is going to be playing with his friends and having a bite to eat before settling down to sleep. It’s a lovely little story to ready your little one from ages 0 – 6, by which point they might start reading it themselves.

For the record, I probably enjoyed this book more than my son. But it allowed me to share my passion with him at an early age, and that’s all I wanted. I would recommend this book for any parent who wants to introduce their child to Godzilla and check out some great art work, or to any children who feel up to the challenge of reading!

I don’t want to say an age as everyone learns at a different pace. It’s 24 pages and has a suggested age range of 5 – 6 according to Amazon, who are currently selling it for a whopping £27.48. Seems a tad over priced to me. I’d personally pay up to £8 if I had to pick a price I feel it’s worth.

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