Leviathan Georgius – Debrief

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The following constitutes a species profile of the large creature inhabiting the North Sea, specifically coordinates  56.6333° N, 0.6667° E affectionately known as the “Devil’s Hole”.
Although historical accounts of sea creatures resembling the subject have persisted in the geographical area for some time, before confirmation of the species existence on June 13th, 1953 it was assumed that these were local legends and not an actual historical record. More research into this topic is needed at this time.
It is proposed that the creature dubbed Leviathan Georgius, after King George, is a sole remnant of ancient species, although its exact taxonomy is subject to some current debate. This endling designation is believed sound as in the years since its appearance and documentation, as well as its subsequent tagging no other creatures of similar size have been detected in the surrounding area.
At this time Georgie’s genetic structure is being sequenced by a better equipped office in Japan. Already they have alluded to startling new discoveries that could reveal its place in the evolutionary ladder as a transitional living fossil.  Although final analysis is months or perhaps years from being finished, the base genome bares similarities with all existing vertebrate kaiju, meaning that this species could be a common ancestor!
In the following case files, you will find mission reports, suspected mythological sightings, and scientific studies. These are all to be used in the understanding, preparation and preservation of the United Kingdom’s largest native species.

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