The One Where Paul Doesn’t Have a Soul

Kaiju Curry House
Kaiju Curry House
The One Where Paul Doesn't Have a Soul

Episode 19 – The One Where Paul Doesn’t Have a Soul

Would you look at what we have here. Episode 19 of Kaiju Curry House has been released so you can listen to it through your favourite podcast service, or right here!

So, “The One Where Paul Doesn’t Have a Soul” is all about the much loved 80’s classic Harry and the Henderson. However, I didn’t watch this show as a kid and so a lot of the humour isn’t aimed at my age group, so whilst the others have a nostalgic love, I do not. How does that affect my opinion of the film? What else has the suit actor for Harry been in? Listen to the episode now to hear our thoughts, and just to reassure you I do have a soul – Hi, I’m Paul and I type up these blurbs 😉

Oh and always we also have “What have kaij-you been up to” and “If nothing else” to keep you entertained.

Do you love or hate this film? Get in touch and let us know, because we’d like to hear from you.

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