So who are we?

Hi there, I am Joe the admin, and I am here to tell our story.
UK Kaiju Fans, and all that it became started the summer of 2017. I had decided I’d had enough of being the only person I knew in the UK that had a passion for giant monster movies. I went looking around on Facebook for groups, and I met Alex, and Colin, and together we started the first group.
As the number of fellow kaiju lovers from all across the UK (and a few strays from other countries we have collected) grew, it became apparent that we all wanted to meet each other and hang out – not to just be people talking on a website. So the idea for a UK (European) convention was born.
The whole purpose of our group, our page, and our convention is to make friends, get out and enjoy the thing we love….which happen to be giant monster movies.
So if you like giant monsters, enjoy good company and fun conversation, like our Facebook page, contribute, and come to the convention to meet us! We would be happy to add you to the ranks!
Thanks for reading,