Godzilla 1998 X-Plus Deforeal


I’ve never been one to like the SD (super deformed) range of toys, or the funko pops with their giant heads. However, with ever reducing shelf space and a more wallet friendly price tag I had started to warm up to the idea of getting something along these lines to see if it would be decent enough. Then I came across the X-Plus deforeal model range. The light up anime Godzilla was my first temptation, but the price was just a tad too high, and I’m still not 100% over the design of the creature. Then I saw Hedorah, who, to be honest, looked exactly the same as normal! But then I’m not a big enough Hedorah fan to splash out £70 on trying something new. Then, of all things, Godzilla 1998 aka Zilla appeared. Regardless of what you think of the film, you can’t deny the creature design is completely different to anything seen in the franchise before. Those spins that look like broken slate, the more natural animal position of being hunched over rather than standing straight, and the unique head all add up to something that looks cool (at least in my opinion).

Priced at £80 delivered still seemed pricey when you can get a full-size movie realistic X-Plus model for £120 (although that would incur increased postage charges and also likely be hit with taxes), but lets face it, when was the last time you saw a model of Zilla? There were toys when the film came out, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more, which is a real shame. So, I bit the bullet, got in touch with awesomecollector.com and pre-ordered the model, wondering if I made the right choice.

Once the figure was released it wasn’t long before a box arrived on my doorstep, it had a bit of a beating by whoever transported it around the world, but fortunately it was well packaged and the figure survived in tack.

The packaging is very simple. No images or art work, just the name and what I assume are warnings or licensing bits in Japanese. The bulk of it is clear, but due to the packaging you can’t get a clear look at the model. Once I’ve taken the plastic protective packaging out of the box and opened it up, I get my first look at Zilla in person, and straight away I’m impressed!


Can I just get one thing out of the way from the start, despite this being a deforeal model, the head doesn’t actually look that disproportionately large, at least not head on. Clearly it is, as that’s the whole point of this range, yet it just seems to look so natural. It’s not goofy, it’s just cool. So, with the head being the main focus I’m pleased to say it features the same high detail as any X-Plus model. The eyes are exactly I remember seeing on the promotional art work, the mouth is open, not wide like a roar, but enough to see his tongue and all those individual teeth. The shape and all the bumps are as exactly as you’d expect.



Moving to the spines they are a dark blue with what almost looks like sand in parts (in fact the whole model looks like it’s had a spray of sand, adding colour to what otherwise would be a single tone figure). They are slightly different to what I remember, more curved and spikier. Perhaps I’m being forgetful as it’s been 20 years since the film came out and it’s not one that I watch very often. Regardless they do look good and have plenty of ‘imperfections’ for that realistic effect. My limited knowledge is that X-Plus are movie accurate sculpts. I don’t know if this is the case for the deforeal range. Is this taken from the computer model with the sizes of parts just enlarged or shrunk?



His tails curls round nicely and has the smaller spines running along it. He has nice chunky legs and feet to keep him up right. The arms are fine, but due to the scale there isn’t much to see. The focus here is on the head and spines, other parts really take a backseat.

I think this is best displayed head on, or at a slight angle. If you look at it side on the size apportionment becomes a lot more apparent, and as I mentioned at the start, I’m not a big fan of deformed models. I would still rather X-Plus just make a 12cm range in addition to the normal 25-30cm.





Godzilla 1998 Deforeal by X-Plus is a great new addition to my collection, it’s just this is more like a baby Godzilla due to its size. I’m already looking at others in the range, so that’s a sign of how much I like it! Some don’t suit the deforeal design, but others are quite appealing. If you want that X-Plus detail, but want something smaller and cheaper, and of course don’t mind a slightly big head perhaps this is of interest to you. If this is something you’ve been on the fence over, I’d recommend you give it a shot, or try and see one in person to make up your mind. Overall though, I am happy with my purchase and this is a great (and possibly only!) representation of Godzilla 1998.

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