Rebor X-Rex Broodlord (Metallic)

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I was kindly gifted the X-Rex Broodlord over the festive period and have finally gotten round to sharing my thoughts


This X-Rex Broodlord is clearly the Xenomorph mother herself, the Alien Queen, cross bred with a T-Rex and which then fell into shiny metallic paint! She’s very mean looking with some lovely translucent teeth






She’s got some lovely muscular legs to support her weight, a good bit of detail is shown here. This is clearly leaning towards more of a t-rex than the almost skeleton legs of the alien queen.







The back feels more like a traditional alien, missing the more vicious spike line spins from the alien queen.








The tail isn’t quite as long as the alien queens, but definitely goes with the wonderful alien design.








The arms are clearly t-rex inspired with only the two small arms at the front.






It all slots together nicely and has a good bit of weight. Whilst it stands up fine, it can wobble a bit, and the pose make it quite stretched, taking up more space than necessary. I feel they could have gone with a better pose or offer a base at a premium. It was well packaged, is affordable and has some good detail for the price.

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