Sitting down with Star Ace, X-Plus and the Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation

It is not every day that you get to sit down and talk to the sources for the things you really enjoy. Earlier this week Alex Wainwright and Joe McIntee of Kaiju Curry House had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Jeremy Soles of Summit Kaiju and X-Plus, Mr. John Walsh, a trustee of the Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation and Mr. David Stephan of Star Ace.

What were we talking about? Great question, and the answer is wonderful things. Topics ranged from Mr. Walsh’s interactions with Mr. Harryhausen himself, to the foundation’s comprehensive exhibition in Scotland to Mr. Soles and Mr. Stephan providing us with tantalizing new information about the new figures Star Ace and X-PLUS are releasing centered around Ray Harryhausen’s fantastic creatures.


A first look at the upcoming Harryhausen figures coming from Star Ace!

For those of you familiar with our Kaiju Curry House Podcast, you will know from listening to episode 55 that we have been setting the stage for this massive interview. We really hope you all enjoy it.

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We at KCH, and UK Kaiju fans would like to give an enormous amount of thanks to Mr. John Walsh, Mr. Jeremy Soles and Mr. David Stephan for their time, and contributions to the fandom. Keep it up gentlemen!