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Convention Update – Matt Frank!

Ok, so this is a bit of a tease I know. Matt Frank will NOT be attending the con. However, he is making something very special for us UK Kaiju fans!

Firstly, let’s fill some of you in on who is Matt Frank? Born December 41985 in San Antonio, Texas, he is an American comic book artist based in Texas. His work includes the cover art for five of the IDW comics, including Godzilla: Kingdom of MonstersGodzilla: Gangsters and GoliathsGodzilla: LegendsGodzilla: Ongoing, and Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. Not just Godzilla though, he’s also done so fantastic work on Transformers, covers and monster designs for the Ray Harryhausen present’s Back To Mysterious Island and It Came From Beneath the Sea Again.

If you read the ‘G-Fan’ magazine, then it’s highly likely you’ve seen his work as he’s done numerous covers and was involved in the G-fantis comic series.

He also co-wrote and provided art for Wrath of the Titans – Cyclops for BlueWater Productions having provided covers for some of their earlier comics, and drew art for Gleaming Scythes’s Vasteel Heart.

So, basically he’s a young artist who has a passion for kaiju and chances are if you’ve seen a Godzilla comic, you’ve seen his work. However, if you are a newer kaiju fan, I have listed his Deviant Art profile below so that you can see some of his fantastic work!

Click here to see his profile!

Now obviously we’d love to have him at the con and sign your comics, but this is our first year and we aren’t quite big enough for that yet. However, Matt has created an exclusive piece of art that will be sold at the convention! I haven’t seen the final art yet, but I’m very excited and I hope you will be too!



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