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Convention Update: The Model Competition!

I am going to tell you about a competition we are going to be having at the convention…. We will have a model competition!

The model competition will focus on the models, dioramas, and scratch built kaiju that the fans attending have built, assembled and painted.

There will be three categories to the competition:

  • Diorama: a monster with a home made (scratch built) setting surrounding it
  • Scratch built: this is a model of your own making – can be any monster – even of your own creation!
  • General entry: this is the category for anyone wanting to enter with a model that they have assembled and painted themselves

Voting for the competition will begin at 10 am and will close at 4:30 pm. The competition winners will be announced at 5 pm.

For all participants ages 13 and under, there will be a prize; for ages 14 and up however, you are competing for trophies and convention swag!

There is no cost for entry and the judging panel will be your fellow convention attendees!

Best of luck builders!

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One Response to “Convention Update: The Model Competition!”

  1. Paul Williams
    May 23, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    I have never built or painted a model, but to get into the spirit of the con I’ve found a cheap model that’s easy to assemble and I’ll attempt to put my own spin on it. It’s going to be awful I assure you, but it’s all for fun 🙂

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