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Convention Spotlight: Charity Auction!

The first of the convention announcements is the most important – we will have charity auction for Action for Children.

As our hobby appeals to the young (and young at heart) it feels only right that we choose a charity and support the good work that is being done.

So far all of our wonderful vendors have offered items forĀ  the charity auction and rest assured, there will be some very cool stuff for you to bid on!

Please see Action For Children’s site at the below address if you are interested in what they do!



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One Response to “Convention Spotlight: Charity Auction!”

  1. Paul Williams
    May 23, 2018 at 7:29 pm

    That’s great that all the vendors our willing to donate to help this charity. I much prefer to know a price so I can budget, but when it’s for a good cause you don’t feel as bad getting caught up in a bidding war!

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